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Openlight Jumbunna because carers matter

Jumbunna provides a community environment for carers to have fun, network with others in a similar situation, build personal resilience, receive information, and access the opportunity to have a break from their caring role to prevent carer burnout.  Our events throughout the year provide carers with the tools they need to use in their caring roles on a daily basis.

Jumbunna weekend retreats provide carers the chance to have a break, relax, have fun, network with others, and enjoy some valuable ‘me’ time. Being able to talk with others in a similar situation has provided our members with the ability to avoid isolation, feel they are not alone in the journey, and form long-lasting friendships. There are workshops, activities, and guest speakers that allow carers to receive information and strategies to take with them into their every day caring roles.

As carers ourselves, the committee endeavor to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our members and make sure that all are felt welcomed.

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