Who is Openlight?

Who is Openlight?

Openlight has been supporting local communities since 1925. An initiative of Toc H SA for over 90 years our members have delivered high-quality community programs providing shared opportunities for volunteers to become active in their community, creating a lasting and positive impact on society while offering life experiences for members of the local community looking for support.

With an emphasis on volunteers and members building friendships while giving back, we create an environment where service groups can focus on achieving their community goals. We offer a variety of programs that inspire action and provide volunteers with real-life experience while giving back to their community.

Our Youth Services program has been providing camps to local children in need across South Australia since 1935. The Youth Services programs are designed to help young people from a wide range of situations develop self-regulation skills, form positive relationships with their peers, make healthy choices, build self-esteem, and develop positive community attitudes. Many of the children who attend our camps have experienced trauma or hardship because of their circumstances. This can have social, emotional, behavioural, and financial impacts on the people involved, and the Openlight Youth Services Program aims to provide a respite opportunity to both the children and their families. As we continue to strive for contemporary relevance in a modern society we have recently undertaken the important task of re-branding our services to Openlight. Openlight symbolises the door is open and the light is on, creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome. The rays of light streaming through the door represent the original Toc H lamp.

Openlight Youth Services Camps

Since re-branding, we have seen an increase in referrals from agencies whose children need our help and volunteers to our Youth Services program.

Our branch and service network continues to grow and now includes Social Support and Community Services in addition to our Youth Services.

With the support of our sponsors who continue to donate the funds needed for Openlight’s services we have been able to help over 100 children in 2019 and are on track for improving this number in 2019. We are dedicated to increasing this number with the help of the Openlight brand.

Openlight is committed to continuing the work of Toc H SA and strengthening our local community through service.
For more information on Openlight please visit our website at openlight.org.au.

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